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One Health Institute


Founded jointly by the Vetsuisse Faculty, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science, the One Health Institute (OHI) has been established as a new institute at the University of Zurich in May 2023.  

In 2019, the UZH designated One Health as one of its strategic research foci. A multi-year start-up funding, the TRANSFORM funding line, allowed launching of the OHI initiative now set to fill this strategic focus with life, and to grow thematically, eventually including more faculties within the next few years.  

We understand One Health as a transdisciplinary, holistic view on human and animal health in the context of entire ecosystems encompassing a broad range of disciplines.


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One Health Day 2023

Image: © Vetsuisse Faculty UZH/ M.A. Oesch

November 3rd is One Health Day!

The goal of One Health Day is to bring awareness to the need for One Health collaborations and a One Health mindset. Its events and campaigns are designed for the greater public to better understand what One Health is all about.

One Health Commission